27 January 2019

Breast Cancer Symptoms, Causes And Preventions, Every Woman Should Know

Breast cancer can occur in both women and men but it is very common in women.Breast cancer is the cancer  which farms in breast cells.Breast cancer diagnosed mostly in women after skin cancer.This cancer can begins to occur in any breast cell but mostly occur in milk producing cells.breast cancer start to occur when some breast cells begins to grow abnormally and rapidly than healthy cells.

Symptoms Of Breast Cancer,

  • Changes the size or shape of breast to other breast.
  • Redness of breast skin like orange.
  • Pain in the breast or armpit area that does not change with monthly cycle.
  • Rash on nipple or around nipple area.
  • Blood discharge from nipple.
  • Scaling, peeling and flaking on beast or nipple skin.
  • Swelling or thickening of breast.
If any symptom occur or you feel contact doctor immediately to examine your breast.

Causes ,
  • Avoid to breastfeeding baby is major breast cancer factor.
  • Age is main factor of breast cancer. chances of breast cancer may increase as your age increase.
  • Early periods beginning. If your periods stars before age 12 breast cancer chances increase.
  • Radiation treatment on chest can increase breast cancer chances.
  • Family history of breast cancer may increase breast cancer chances.
  • Having your first child at old age may increase breast cancer chances.
  • Having never being pregnant may increase breast cancer chances.
  • Drinking alcohol may increase breast cancer chances.

  • Exercise daily.
  • Maintain your weight.
  • Choose healthy diet plan.
  • Stop drinking alcohol.
  • Try to breast feeding to your baby.

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